Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Food For Healthy Pregnancy

A mother's nourishment during pregnancy is vitally important for her and for her baby at all stages of foetal development. Research has shown that diet and healthy lifestyle is directly related to the baby's weight at birth, his health in childhood and even after he has grown up. Therefore eating well and being aware of any deficiencies in your diet can have long-term effects. You don't have to go on a special diet. All you have to do is to make sure that you eat a variety of different foods in order to get the right balance of nutrients that you and your baby require. You should also avoid certain foods to be on the safer side.

Your diet should include the following four basic food groups:

A] Starchy Foods
Starchy foods like bread, potatoes, rice, chapatis, pasta, oatmeal, and breakfast cereals are an important part of any diet and should, with vegetables, form the main part of your meal. They are satisfying without containing too many calories and are an important source of vitamins, protein, minerals and fibre. Try eating wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereals when you can.

B] Dairy Product
Dairy foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt are important as they contain calcium and other nutrients essential for your baby's development. Choose low-fat varieties whenever possible. They also provide other minerals such as zinc, iodine and magnesium (essential for growth), as well as protein and fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

C] Meat, fish and alternatives
Meat, fish, eggs, beans, peas, lentils, nuts, pulses and other vegetarian products are all good source of nutrients. These protein rich food combined with protein from starchy foods and dairy products provide the building blocks for baby's growth and tissue repair. They also contain iron, zinc, vitamin A and B. Vitamin B12 which is essential for healthy blood, occurs naturally in meat products but can also be found in fortified vegetarian foods.

D] Fruits and vegetables
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as these provide the vitamins and a mineral, as well as fibre which helps digestion and prevents constipation. Eat them lightly cooked in a little water or raw to get the most out of them. Frozen, tinned and dried food and vegetables are good too. These provide vitamin A in vegetable form, vitamin C and D including folic acid, minerals such as iron and potassium and fibre.

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Anonymous said...

i am becoming mother for first time. And away from home, we are in Dubai. Your this article was a solution provider for all the different queries that arise during this crucial time.And people like me, who hold strong belief system about Indian ways of handling situation, this article is BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Thanks a lot and i will be visiting this site for more and more information.

Unknown said...

can u tell me if eating raw mangoes in the first trimester can cause a miscarriage?

Unknown said...

Can u tell me whether eating raw mangoes in the first trimester can cause a miscarriage?

Anonymous said...

hey geetha i believe it does coz i recently had a miscarriage and i had raw mangoes a day grandma says it's garam by sum myth..try avoiding zeera too such as yakhni stuff

Anonymous said...

Iam in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. This site provides valuable tips on healthy eating habits. It also enlists the dos and donts.

Paul A Drockton III said...

Try Vitamin A and D-fish oil is good stuff. Vitamin D provides nutritive support for normal, healthy skeletal growth, strong bones and healthy calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin A provides nutritive support for healthy skin, bones and teeth.

Anonymous said...

i'm a second time going to be mom. My first pregnancy, i did'nt feel anything. it was a smooth all good pregnancy but towards my last month, i had to have a c section due to baby turning.
My concern now is that i'm in my 2week and already feeling nauxious and weak. No matter what i eat.. i feel like i got the smell in my mouth making me feel worse every time. I have trouble breathing at night and difficulty sleeping.

To me, its like a first time experience, as i never gone thru this before. I'm also getting emotional and scared at my age now is 37.

Any advise, Jo.

harika said...

Hi i am expecting pregnancy.Need to confirm after this month.This is my first month after conception.In mean time i had taken plenty of Seasame seeds powder :( can any one tell me does it effects my pregnancy chances...:(

Anonymous said...


I am one month pregnant. I ate briyani just now. Wasn't thinking much. As we all know briyani contain "cas cas" that's gonna leave a lil bit of trace like drug. Is this safe. I am a bit worry now.