Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chicken Kofta / Chicken Masala Balls

Chicken Masala  Balls
I had recovered from my cold and today we had a break from the cold weather too. I wanted to enjoy my evening in the patio with spiced buttermilk and a crunchy appetizer. It has been a while I had made non-veg dishes so had brought some boneless chicken last weekend. So browsed for recipe as usual to find a recipe online, what fun is it to cook a recipe you already know.
Many of the bloggers had linked this recipe and when I had a look at the photo I had an idea why. A mouth watering photo when I am hungry is good enough for me to try this recipe. Grind the spice mixture separately into a coarse paste before the chicken and onions are added to grind. Otherwise the spices would not not be properly grind. Sailaja had mentioned that the chicken balls can be grilled to get a healthier version, but I tried it with just four balls. The taste of the baked version was not bad; but definitely not a match to the crispy fried ones. While baking mix some oil along with the chicken mixture and brush the balls with ghee(Is it supposed to be a fat free version?) or oil. I tried it as a combination with the chutneys used for chaats.

This is a brilliant must try recipe or chicken lovers. Thanks to sailu and chandralekha aunty who taught her.

Enjoy the recipe with tomato sauce or green chutney.

Click here for Chicken Kofta / Chicken Masala Balls Recipe

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