Monday, February 12, 2007

Tindora Fry / Dondakaya Fry

Tindora / Gherkin is a wonderful vegetable if known how to cook it properly. I never got introduced to the vegetable during childhood, but learnt the way to prepare this vegetable from few of my kannadiga friends. It can be prepared in a variety of ways and I love it the most when deep or shallow fried and seasoned with coconut and crushed garlic. I followed the recipe of prabha’s , but modified a bit at the last step. Instead of besan flour and rice flour I added paruppu podi or dal powder usually made at home. I also replaced coconut powder with grated coconut , since I did not have any coconut powder at home. Enjoy tindora fry with steamed rice and dal.

Click here for Tindora Fry / Dondakaya Fry Recipe

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Alex said...

Tindora is not Gerkins
And Gerkins is not Tindora
Surprising !!!

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