Thursday, April 26, 2007

List of Indian Food Blogs

As you know we at Indian Food Facts, keep searching for a variety of recipes, in this ever growing world of food blogs and publish the reviews of those special ones, which impress us the most. We also publish the review of the ones we think might be of great interest for our readers.

Here is the entire list of Indian Food Blogs from where we have reviewed one or more recipes. We strongly recommend our readers to visit these blogs as there may be many more interesting recipes for you to try and enjoy.

If you own a food blog and would like to have your link added to this list, please leave a comment in the below format. You can also email us at

Blog Name :

Blog URL :

Specialties : Something like North Indian Recipes /South Indian Recipes/ Tamil Recipes / Kannada Recipes etc.

A Cook @ Heart
Ahaar pleasure & sustenance
A Whirl of Aromas
Beyond The Usual
Cave for me
Cooking Made Easy
Cooking Pleasures
Culinary Chemistry
Daily Musings
En Ulagam - My Culinary World
Flavors of Indian Rasoi
Fun and Food
Healthy N Spicy…
Hooked on Heat
Joseph's Kitchen
Kitchen Mate
Kitchen Wonders
My Dhaba
My Treasure…My Pleasure
One Hot Stove
Radhi's Kitchen
Recipe Junction
Saffron Trail
Sailus Food
South Indian Recipe
South Indian Recipes
Spice Corner
The Clothed Cook
Trial And Error
Vineela's Cuisine

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Anonymous said...

What about Bawarchi and Recipedelights ? In addition to the blogs, I like these two sites too.

Mansi said...

Hi there,

you have a nice site here about food facts and recipes. BUt I saw your food blogs list and would like to invite you too visit my new blog too Fun and Food at It has lots of food-related stuff and recipes. Could you include my blog in your list too??



Anonymous said...

Visit for telangana specialities...

Anonymous said...


and pls consider adding it to your list


Niya prakash said...


I'm Niya

It'll be great that if you add my blogspot in the list of Indian food blogs.

Contents in my blog..Food,Travel, Craft, Music links, Health & Fitness and some online shopping.



ranji said...

hi thr...i recently started a blog of my own...its been only 2 months or so...i would love my blog to be a part of this list...
it mainly features traditional konkani and indian cuisines and other international cuisines too.Can you include me in ur list?...thanks
blog name-Ranji's kitchen corner
blog url-

Gita Jaishankar said...

Hi, I have started a food blog recently. Can you please publish my blog in your list. Thanks

My blog name is Gita's Kitchen.

Blog URL:

Gita Jaishankar said...

Hi, I have started a food blog recently. Can you please publish my blog in your list. Thanks

My blog name is Gita's Kitchen.

Blog URL:

Ashwini said...


I have started a blog recently!!! Please do visit my blog...

Blog Name : Ashwini's spicy cuisine

Blog URL:

Specialities: South Indian food reipes!!!

divyadharsan said...

hello there,

am divya,i have recently started my own food blog. www.div'
i want you to visit my blog & add mine in your list.thanks.

Neha said...

I too have an indian food blog, do check out and plz. include it too in urs list.

Name: # Tasty recipes

Anonymous said...

My family is a food loving one. So, I collect recipe from different online resources. Food blogs are just my first place to get info from. Your list has been bookmarked for future reference.

Martin Noble said...

Hi there,

Would you be able to add to your blog list. It's a great site providing a national Indian food service and reviews (North West).


Hema said...

Hi there,

I recently started food blog and please visit my blog and kindly add it to your list.

Blog URL: