Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home Remedies for Common Cold

Though the cold and flu season is almost over, I have got all the symptoms for cold for the past two days. This made me to try my favorite home remedies for cold and the ones which works for me most of the time. I also thought why not blog this and more over it will be a good opportunity for me to start on a separate home remedy section in this blog. As per an old saying the cold if treated gets cured in a week and if not treated will stay long for 7 days, but I have a psychological feeling all these home remedies makes me feel better.

Turmeric milk

This is the first one I try first and since I am not very skeptic towards milk like the author of spiceisright, I did not add tea masala. My mom usually adds 1 tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp of freshly ground pepper to quarter cup of milk and simmers it for 3-4 minutes. As far as I know this is the best remedy for sore throat and cough. As a kid I used to complain of the spicyness due to the freshly ground pepper and now as a grown-up I sort of enjoy it. This is usually given at night after dinner, so that I can have a good night sleep. But I also like the idea of ajwain and other stuff in the milk, which gives more of a flavor to the milk.

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Hot lemon toddy

This is usually a remedy I try after I have cold, it definitely soothes my sore throat and stuffy nose for a while. It is very simple to prepare. All you need to do is to microwave or boil water along with a lemon wedge in it. Then add honey and stir in after squeezing the lemon wedge. Sounds simple right, but it works great.

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This is one more link where a list of home remedies is mentioned for sinusitis. There is also a diet that is mentioned, that can be followed while you have sinus.

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Enjoy the home remedies with a lot of rest and get better soon.


Mythreyee said...

thanks for the info. I got to try. I have severe cold and sore throat.

Anonymous said...

I have been using the following regularly for about two years (without any adverse effects) my father has been using it for about seven years.

I mix about 50ml water with a little (one to two pinches) bit of salt, and same amount of Bicarbinate of soda. I use a nose spray bottle after emptying the contents. Spray liberally in each nostril while breathing the spray in. Some of the fluids will run down, back into your mouth, so be prepared to spit it out somewhere, blow the rest in your tissue.

This clears my nose (I hate to breath through my mouth), plus I believe it allows me fast recovery. I do this every time I feel stuffy or have some blockage in my nasal passages. Works great, even my 5-year old boy can handle it.

Since both salt and bicarb is used in food I think it has less of a chance to be problamatic than the stuff you buy over the counter...

Anonymous said...

For a sore throat, a folk remedy in South Africa that I have tried with success is chewing on the leaves of the wild fig plant; they grow in the dunes of the south-eastern cape next to the ocean. Tastes really horrible but works well.

Cholesterol Cure said...

To both relieve the cough and soothe the associated irritated throat, combine sage leaf with elder blossom tea, adding a bit of almond oil, oil of clove, and a spoonful of honey as a suggested home remedy for cough.