Friday, December 15, 2006

Calorie Content of Indian Food Items

Here is a list of common food items and their calorie content:

Chapati (30 gm)- 100 Cal
Masala Dosa -200 Cal
Samosa (1) - 150 Cal
Puri bhaji -350 Cal
Upma (one small bowl) -100 Cal
Rice-dal-papad -280 Cal
Chicken (70 gm) - 100 Cal
Fish - 100 Cal
Egg (one) - 80 Cal
Ice cream 350- 400 Cal
Payasam -250 Cal
One cola - 120-140 Cal
One peg of alcohol with
cola - 120-140 Cal
Gulabjamun (2) -250 Cal
Rasogolla (2) -150 Cal
Tea/coffee - 70-80 Cal
Click here for the entire list of calorie contents in Indian food


guna said...

For many food stuff you have not mentioned the portion size, which is very important.

pallavi said...

thanks...that was really informative...

Anonymous said...

How to calculate the calories in different indian main course foods, like rice, dal, roti, sabji, and the spices and condiments calories. It will be appreciable if you may please help me getting these details on my e-mail address, i.e.,