Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bitter Gourd Curry / Pavakkai / Pavakka Kuzhambu / Kakarakaya Pulusu

Bitter Gourd Curry
Bitter Gourd is one vegetable which is not popular among the masses mainly because of its bitter taste. Occasionally I have seen a few people like me, who have acquired a taste for this veggie. Several years ago, bitter gourd was part of my lunch not by choice but only when my mother insisted.

Bitter gourd is better known for its medicinal properties, especially in containing Diabetes and several other blood disorders. It is widely believed that it has most properties equivalent to that of insulin.

The bitterness in this vegetable can be reduced to a considerable level by smearing salt and turmeric powder to the sliced pieces for 15 minutes and then washing it thoroughly in water. I exactly followed the VKN’s recipe from ‘MyDhaba’. I remember my mom cooking this pulusu/ kuzhambu without coconut and the amount can be adjusted as required. The taste is much better if the onion paste is made from pearl onions or small onions are used, instead of the big onions.

Click here Bitter Gourd Curry Recipe

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