Saturday, March 17, 2007

Idli Upma

Idli upma is a delicacy made from leftovers and is a very common breakfast or tiffin in Southern India. In South India idli is a staple breakfast and my mother would make idli upma in the evenings atleast twice a week with the leftover idlis. It would taste heavenly especially when you are tired and hungry back from school. My breakfast for today is idli upma with the leftovers from yesterdays idli. I do not make idli as often as in India, but when made usually there are no leftovers. Since I love this idli upma a lot, I make few idlis extra and save it for this purpose.

I followed the same procedure as of anupama but with my mothers touch. I used some chopped pearl onions along with the other ingredients that were fried. The fried idlis along with onions would be an excellent combo. Do not use fresh idlis to make this upma, since you cannot get the exact texture, if needed u can refrigerate the fresh idli for two hours and then use it make this dish.

Enjoy idli upma with sambar , chutney or curd.

Click here for Idli Upma Recipe

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