Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mysurpa / Mysore Pak

How many of you have seen folks from Coimbatore talking in awe about the famous MysorePak from the great Sri Krishna sweets, Coimbatore? If I remember my childhood correctly, the traditional Mysore Pak made in South Indian marriages used to be slightly hard. Sri Krishna sweets came out with a totally soft, delicious mouth watering version, which changed my illusion of this sweet. Unlike others they claimed their product has been ‘made only with pure ghee’. Mysurpa became one of my favourite sweets only after tasting this Sri Krishna Sweets product which easily melts as soon you put it in your mouth.

Mysurpa or Mysore Pak

I followed the recipe from Mahanandi. I learnt from a few other places that we can add milk too as one of the ingredients. I personally don’t prefer to add milk as I wanted to refrigerate and preserve the sweet for a longer period. As said in the recipe, you need to make sure that you use the freshest ingredients possible. Also be sure to wait until you see the pores coming up before you switch off the stove and take away the vessel else you may end up with a dish which gives the raw smell of the flour.

Click here Mysurpa/Mysore Pak Recipe

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