Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you a friend of Water?

Water - One of the five important elements found in this earth and available in abdundance for mankind. Unfortunately humans never realised the sheer necessity of water and thus slowly and steadily, this important gift called water got polluted and now it has reached a stage where it needs an immediate attention.

Luckily there are a few good souls who have taken quite a few good initatives in saving this world. Let me introduce you to is what they say about themselves, "Friends of Water provides inspiration, information and products to celebrate, clean and save water in our environment, health, recreation and gardening."

Friends of Water store

You can learn a lot of information related to water and its facts from their website. There is a full fledged shop, where you can purchase products to clean and save water.

One will be shocked to see the various health hazards related to fluoride risks and how we continue to use them knowingly or unknowingly in our day to day life. In case you get interested and would love to get regular updates about their projects, you can subscribe to their ezine. The ezine delivers fun and serious stories about water, current news, health tips - and special discounts to readers on an ever-growing list of products including water filters, shower and bath filters, foot spas, garden sprinklers and hose timers.

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