Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Peas Pulao

Peas Pulao and Spicy Potato Curry

What is your usual dish when there is someone unexpected for dinner or lunch? I usually end up making peas pulao and a potato fry (which is an excellent combination) with raita and some store bought parathas. Gives the feel you have cooked a complete meal, but you actually can pull all this together in half an hour.
Yesterday I had a friend who dropped me over at home after office and I asked her to stay over for dinner. Both of us love potato, so I decided on the usual potato fry and decided to make peas pulao to go with it.

There is no hard and fast rule for making peas pulao. I believe everyone has their own customized version of making this simple, yet delicious dish. “VeggieCuisine” provides a detailed description of the most common or rather the standard way of making this dish. I follow the exact recipe of lakshmi for the recipe, but depending on the ingredients present I add some mint leaves and/or coconut milk.

But next time I make peas pulao I have decided to try supriyakrishna’s recipe, where she adds pulao masala. I am really anxious to try this, because I use pulao masala with vegetable briyani at times and the flavor fills my kitchen. Her photos are also tempting enough to make me want try it in my kitchen.

Click here Simple Peas Pulao Recipe

One more Peas Pulao Recipe

Enjoy your customized peas pulao with raita.

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