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Mushroom Briyani / Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom Briyani

Are you slightly bored of eating chicken dishes? Are you looking for making some other spicy mouth watering dish but still want to be within the limits of something closer to a chicken dish? Here is it. Mushroom Briyani.

Mushroom is a vitamin rich and high protein food and thus an important dietary supplement and healthy food. Though there are wide varieties of mushroom available, the most common found in the US Grocery market is the white button mushroom. Here are some tips for storing mushroom in the refrigerator (thanks: Hormel)

if storing in the refrigerator, do not clean them before storing. Store uncleaned mushrooms in a paper bag or their original container. Do not store in plastic or airtight plastic containers, which causes them to retain moisture and decay faster. Keep them in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days. It is best to eat them as soon as possible. Dried mushrooms may be stored indefinitely. To preserve mushrooms for an extended period of time, use other methods such as freezing, drying, salting, canning or pickling.

I followed Sapna’s recipe from ‘spicyfeast’ without much alterations. Since I did not have saffron handy I did skip the part in which saffron was added and my color did not exactly match as the photo posted in ‘spicyfeast’. The usual procedure is to cook the mushrooms curry and rice separately, then finally add alternate layers of rice and mushrooms curry. Instead if I am in a lazy want to make a quick meal I make the mushrrom curry, add adequate water and bring it to boil. Add the basmati rice to the boiling water and dum the mixture. Even that tastes good, since the rice is cooked in mushroom curry from the beginning on a slow flame.

Enjoy mushroom briyani/biryani with raita.

Click here Mushroom Biryani Recipe

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