Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mango Onion Relish

I love mangoes and I think it is a perfect time to post mango recipes, since it is summer in India and also the best season for mangoes. This dish brings me sweet memories of my days in bangalore where most of my Sunday evenings would be spent by chatting with my roommates and this would be our snack. We would make two versions of this dish one as mentioned by Bubbalili but without jaggery and the other version is to add poha or puffed rice to the mango and onion mixture. Few of my friends like it with puffed rice and it is a common sight in bangalore where you can buy a big cone of this puffed rice for 2 bucks I guess.

This mango onion relish is one of my favorites and yet a very simple one to prepare, so when not in a mood to do intensive cooking for a sidedish I settle with this. It is an excellent combination for lemon rice or coconut rice. I use coconut oil for making this spicy mouth watering salad and have never used jaggery until today. But the sweet and sour taste, tasted better than the one without jaggery.

This is a must try dish and enjoy it as a snack.

Mango Onion Relish Recipe

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