Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to make the perfect homemade Paneer?

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is made by curdling milk and are usually bland since it is not processed much like any other cheese. I was not a great fan of paneer and I rarely used to taste it even in restaurants. I happened to taste paneer burji made out of homemade paneer at a friends place when they had invited me over for dinner. She is a great cook and taught me how to make paneer at home and also some fantastic recipes with paneer(which I would post later). Now the thought of homemade paneer makes my tastebuds sizzle and I made some during the weekend.

Home Made Paneer

Vinegar, curd/yogurt or lime juice can be used to make paneer and I followed the recipe from Anthony’s kitchen. He has suggested boiling the milk till it reduces to ¾ of the original level, but you can add the lime juice once your milk has been boiling for 2- minutes. Add enough lime till the milk curdles and turn off the stove and keep stirring. When you tighten the paneer in the muslin cloth the hot liquid that pours out will be greenish or yellowish in colour and can be used in making chapathi dough. Once you run under the squeezed muslin cloth under cold water, press it under a heavy bottomed vessel to release any excess water if left in the paneer. When lime juice is used to make paneer we get a hard paneer(good for making dishes like kadai paneer or paneer tikka) and if yogurt is used we get a softer version(best for paneer burji). Soft paneer can also be used as an ingredient in salads. Enjoy the homemade paneer in a dish of your choice.

Click here to learn make the perfect homemade Paneer Recipe

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yellow Pumpkin Dal

Yellow pumpkin dal with rice and papad (microwaved – Remember I eat only one deep fried item per week. I wish I can resist deep fried food) was the sweet simple dinner I had for dinner today. I like yellow pumpkin for the sweetness it adds to the dish and it use it in avail or a stir fry so I get the sweet taste in the dish. In this recipe the pumpkin blends well with the masoor dal and is easy to cook on a weekday. Masoor dal was not common in were I grew up and after tasting it I feel I have missed it long enough. Now I compel my mom to give it a try once, I know she would like it. If you want more of a sambar taste then tamarind paste can be added while the pumpkin is cooking. Even a little bit of sambar powder can be added the end and simmered for few minutes but if you want to have it with roti or pulao as suggested by sudha, do not make any changes to the recipe. Enjoy the dal with rice or roti.

Click here Yellow Pumpkin Dal Recipe

Monday, February 26, 2007

Neeru Dosa

Neeru dosa is a Karnataka speciality, more specifically Mangalore I guess. Again this fact more of a Mangalorean speciality is based on what was said by my friend who is from that place and whose mom makes excellent Neeru dosa. Neeru dosa is one of those dosa varieties which do not need much fermentation and tastes great. I have tried making this dosa with the rice flour and mixing it with water, that did not work out well for me. But this time I did soak the rice and grind the mixture to get a proper batter for my perfect dosa. I usually enjoy first one or two dosas with coconut grates and jaggery as said by Dr Soumya bhat and the rest I enjoy with spicy chutney of my choice.

Click here for Neeru Dosa Recipe

Goji Berry Juice

Have you heard of Berry Juice? Well I had just a little idea before writing this post. All I knew was that it was somekind of fruit which helps in living longer and healthier. It looks like I am damn right. I got to know more details about Berry Juice in general and Goji Berry Juice in particular from their producers Goji

Here is what they say about their product "Himalayan Goji Juice - just possibly the world's most powerful anti-aging food."

One can consume the Goji berries as seed, fruit or even juice. The Goji Juice from the Himalayas is a tasty, yet powerful health-promoting tonic and are a traditional part of the Tibetan people. These berries are naturally protected on plateaus in the Majestic Mountains of the Himalayas. It is also claimed that people who eat Goji berries on a regular basis to have life expectancies of 100 years or more. Isn't that cool? Weel, I am not sure though. Here is an example given by Goji in their website of a person who lived a longer life and all because of berries.

"Prof. Li Qing Yuen is documented as being the oldest person to have ever lived in recorded history. Born in 1678 and living to 1930, he was documented by the Government of China as having lived to 252 years of age. Twice he received Longevity Awards from the Government. It is said he ate Goji berries on a regular daily basis.Many people that now eat Goji berries on a daily basis notice improved eyesight, restoration of hair color, improved libido, mood enhancement, noticeable improvement in energy levels, better sleeping habits, and more zest for life.

It is very difficult to digest that one can live for more than two centuries but I think even a 100 years should be good enough by having these berries. What do you say?

Goji Berries are supposed to the leaders in this market as their product is officially certified as being chemical and contaminant-free, and naturally dried in semi-shade. The berries are not touched by hand, but instead collected by shaking the vines, as touching them causes them to lose some of their nutritional potency.

Some additional benefits are :

• All Natural Ingredients and Cold Pressed.
• Parve-Kosher
• Readily Absorbable
• Energy Level Booster
• Mood and Self-Esteem Enhancement
• Aids Cure Cravings for Sweets
• Helps with Dry Skin
• Helps Induce more Restful Sleep due to Menopause
• Helps improve Melatonin Levels
• Helps Athletes with improved Performance, Endurance, and Recuperation.
• Promotes Weight Loss and Libido Enhancement.
• Improves General Metabolism
• Anti Aging Properties
• Rich in Naturally Occurring Minerals (Zinc, Calcium, Germanium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Copper and Iron.

The unit price of a 32 OZ bottle of Goji Juice turns out to be $24.95 but you can get a good discount if you go for a 6 bottles pack or 12 bottles pack. Check it out and leave me a comment if you like it.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cabbage Pakoda / Cabbage Pakora

Cabbage pakoda / pakora was the snack for the Sunday evening along with the oscar TV show. It is at times good to do just some star gazing while lying relaxed on your couch. Jaden smith was great when he presented the awards, he is a natural should be being the son of Will Smith.

Back to our snack cabbage pakoda’s, I think it is ok to have deep fried food once a week when you work out enough. These pakoda’s are crisper than the regular ones and tastes great. At times I add thinly sliced potatoes too along with the cabbage just to enjoy the fried potatoes along with cabbage and onion. Another few ingredients I usually add are 2 -3 tbsp of grated ginger, chopped curry leaves and baking soda along with the mixture.

Enjoy the pakora with tomato ketchup.

Click here for Cabbage Pakoda / Cabbage Pakora Recipe

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beetroot Chutney

I used to think beetroots are good for blood, but recently found out that was a misconception and widely believed so by many because of the color. But actually beetroot is very good for heart, since it contains soluble fibers and low in calories. I think that is the reason it is used in all popular weight loss diets. The red pigments contain specific anti-carcinogens which fights cancer and actually used in cancer treatment in some parts of Europe.

These facts are more than an enough to encourage me or anyone to try recipes with beetroot. Beetroots can be eaten raw or cooked. If needs to eaten raw peel of the skin and it is good to go. Grate it and use it to garnish any salad or side-dish. Cooked recipes which I make usually include beetroot pachadi, chutney or grate beetroot poriyal.

Beetroot chutney

Click here to read the recipe for beetroot chutney

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carrot Capsicum Masala

I had bought two capsicums with the idea I would make some fried rice during the week, but could not make it. Since with capsicum I usually end up with a fried rice or manchurians of some form, I wanted to try something different this time. Carrot capsicum masala was a name catchy enough to get my attention today. This was a quick recipe and the idea of adding a chole masala to a sidedish was a good idea. And the corn starch added thickens the gravy, but make sure to add the corn flour dissolved in water, do not add it directly the curry. If added directly to the curry, there it a definite possibility to form lumps. I added the capsicum a bit late after the carrots were half cooked, since the capsicums cook fast. Prepare the curry and enjoy it with roti, by garnishing with lemon juice and coriander leaves.

Click here for Carrot Capsicum Masala Recipe

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home Remedies for Common Cold

Though the cold and flu season is almost over, I have got all the symptoms for cold for the past two days. This made me to try my favorite home remedies for cold and the ones which works for me most of the time. I also thought why not blog this and more over it will be a good opportunity for me to start on a separate home remedy section in this blog. As per an old saying the cold if treated gets cured in a week and if not treated will stay long for 7 days, but I have a psychological feeling all these home remedies makes me feel better.

Turmeric milk

This is the first one I try first and since I am not very skeptic towards milk like the author of spiceisright, I did not add tea masala. My mom usually adds 1 tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp of freshly ground pepper to quarter cup of milk and simmers it for 3-4 minutes. As far as I know this is the best remedy for sore throat and cough. As a kid I used to complain of the spicyness due to the freshly ground pepper and now as a grown-up I sort of enjoy it. This is usually given at night after dinner, so that I can have a good night sleep. But I also like the idea of ajwain and other stuff in the milk, which gives more of a flavor to the milk.

Click here to learn prepare Turmeric milk

Hot lemon toddy

This is usually a remedy I try after I have cold, it definitely soothes my sore throat and stuffy nose for a while. It is very simple to prepare. All you need to do is to microwave or boil water along with a lemon wedge in it. Then add honey and stir in after squeezing the lemon wedge. Sounds simple right, but it works great.

Click here to learn prepare Hot Lemon Toddy

This is one more link where a list of home remedies is mentioned for sinusitis. There is also a diet that is mentioned, that can be followed while you have sinus.

Click here to learn Natural Home remedies for Sinusitis

Enjoy the home remedies with a lot of rest and get better soon.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gobi Chole / Curried Cauliflower and Chickpeas

I have never heard of gobi chole until today, when I went through the blog of shaheen. I wanted to try this recipe for several reasons, first I know very less cauliflower dry recipes which are not deep fried. Second the exquisite photo with the book in the background, quite creative and third, it was from the Tyler Florence’s latest cookbook. As mentioned any readymade mix can also be used, so I just made my work easy by adding the Badshaah chole masala. If you are using canned chickpeas make sure you wash them properly, otherwise chickpeas can also be soaked overnight and pressure cooked. The gobi chole masala turned out great. Enjoy gobi chole with chappathi or roti.

Click here for Gobi Chole / Curried Cauliflower and Chickpeas recipe

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry / Murunga Keerai Poriyal

I think this recipe is more familiar to people from Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Drumstick leaves are a rich source for potassium, iron and proteins. It is a natural ailment for diarrhea and heart diseases. This was my grandmother’s home made remedy for the first signs of diarrhea to anyone at the house. And this recipe would taste great especially when made by her in the earthen pots with the fresh drumstick leaves and the even more freshly grated coconut. I liked the post by karthi kannan of making a stir fry of these leaves, because he also inspires us to grow the leaves in-spite of the extreme climate in Pennsylvania. Again the only alteration I made was not to boil the leaves separately since I did not want to loose any of the nutrients. Instead added the water after seasoning and allowed it to cook in the pan. Enjoy the drumstick leaves curry with rice.

Click here for Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry recipe

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doi Machh / Doi maach / Fish in Yogurt Sauce

This is a bong delicacy, where fish is cooked in a yogurt sauce. I would have never thought of this unusual combination if not from this blog. I love seafood a lot, so wanted to cook something different and so gave this recipe a try. One useful tip while preparing fish is to marinate in lemon juice for five minutes and then wash the fish .By doing this any strong flavors from the fish is removed. Traditionally the recipe is prepared in mustard oil and in that case the oil should be heated till it is smoking hot and then cooled down. Then proceed with the usual cooking procedure. Enjoy the doi machh along with hot steamed rice.

Click here for Doi Machh / Doi maach / Fish in Yogurt Sauce recipe

Indian Foods to help increase milk secretion in Nursing mothers

It has been consistently noticed that more and more visitors coming to our blog have come here searching for "Indian diet for nursing mothers" or "Indian foods to increase milk secretion" etc etc. We decided not to disappoint them by publishing the below information which we have gathered from our own experience as well from the Internet world.

1) Dried Fish.
2) Leafy Vegetables and in particular Green Spinach.
3) Bitter Gourd.
4) Fenugreek soaked in buttermilk.
5) Garlic pods (at least 6-7) fried in Ghee and can be had after every meal.
6) Milagu Rasam, Garlic Rasam.
7) Jeera
8) Methi seeds
9) Suraikkai
10) Plenty of fruits and vegetables
11) Alfalfa : It could be taken as sprouts, tea made from seeds or juice of fresh alfalfa leaves. This juice could be taken with carrot juice or some other organic drink.
12) Musk melon : With its combination of calcium, potassium and sodium, it stimulates milk production in nursing mothers.
13) Raw papaya is eaten as a curry by women to stimulate secretion of breast milk.
14) Whole potatoes : When baked or roasted in their skins.
15) Black gram dhal (Urad dhal) as also parsley and amaranth increase production of breast milk. Dhal should generally be taken in the mornings.
16) The leaves or seeds of fennel (Kala Zeera) boiled in barley water and drunk are good for increasing the breast milk.
17) An admixture made with aniseed (Sonf) taken on empty stomach increases both the quality and the quantity of breast milk.
18) Milk of peanuts extracted by wet crushing of these nuts which have been soaked in water for 24 hours. This peanut milk should be diluted before being given to the mother.
19) Diluted grass juice. Nothing else should be consumed for at least two hours thereafter to help assimilation.
20) Garlic, tamarind and cotton seeds also help in increasing milk supply.
21) Soups and red gram also stimulate milk production.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Set Dosa and Sagu

Yay!! It’s Friday and it’s weekend. How come all Friday evenings brings a sense of relaxation to everyone, is it an illusion. I usually end up cleaning more and cooking more on the weekends, still I love weekends. But anyhow, I had prepared dosa batter to prepare set dosas today. I got introduced to set dosas while in Bangalore, it’s popular in all restaurants in Bangalore. Set dosa are usually served as a set of 3 (hence the name I guess) along with vegetable kurma. It used to be a fantastic feast either on dinner or breakfast and definitely fills your stomach. I followed the procedure from ruchii, but added a cup of butter milk while grinding the rice, urad dal and poha. The sagu mentioned along with the set dosa also sounds great, but I settled for a coconut chutney. Got to try the sagu posted in ruchii once. Enjoy the set dosa with mixed vegetable kurma and coconut chutney.

Click here for Set Dosa and Sagu recipe

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pesara Pappu Charu / Moong Dal Rasam

Today I decided to make spicy potato fry after I stumbled upon sizzlingkitchen blog and got tempted by the photos. I wanted to prepare something mild that goes with the potato fry. Since there were not much of vegetables in the refrigerator I decided to make moong dal rasam or pesara pappu charu. I followed the recipe from mahanandi website and it really turned out good and simple. I have not tried much recipes with moong dal, but today took a serious pledge to try more recipes with pesara pappu or pasipayar or moong dal. After completing even the last bit of rice from the plate,I was still browsing through and found one more fantastic link for the same recipe. Enjoy pesara pappu charu or moong dal rasam with rice and pickle or a spicy curry.

Click here for Pesara Pappu Charu / Moong Dal Rasam from Mahanandi

Click here for Pesara Pappu Charu / Moong Dal Rasam from Veggies Magic

Spicy Potato Fry

Do you ever get tired of potatoes? I don’t, even if I have it daily. There are so many ways potatoes can be cooked but the easy and the most popular way is to make a spicy fry out of this vegetable. It goes so well with curd rice, or rasam & rice, that I make it on Sundays when I am not in a mood to cook an elaborate meal.
The crispiness of potatoes, blended with the spices, the aroma of curry leaves and cumin seeds along with any variety of rice is a comfort food for me. Not much of an explanation needed for this recipe, but for me a look at the picture posted on sizzlingkitchen is good enough to motivate me to cook this wonderful recipe. The only alteration I made to the recipe was to add cumin powder instead of saunf or fennel powder. Enjoy the potato fry with curd rice or pulao.

Click here for Spicy Potato Fry Recipe

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Instant Chole Masala

Last week there was a post on an elaborate preparation with dhaba style chole curry. Whenever I need a quick recipe to go with rotis, I usually go with tinned chickpeas and readymade mix(add water and microwave). It never tastes perfect, but it's just an easy fix for a quick meal. Since I do not like readymade mix much, I loved the idea of chole in jiffy by vidya. It was a no hassle recipe and had no chopping and grinding involved but I still could not convince myself completely not to add any of the usual ingredients, so I just added half a sliced onion. The recipe turned out so good, and it sure is true, there is no necessity for onions or tomatoes.

Click here for Instant Chole Masala Recipe

Fish curry / Meen kuzhambu / Chepala Pulusu

Fish curry in tamarind gravy is one of my favorites and I can recall my mom making nethili kuzhambu. Usually it would be prepared in the morning and I would have it with rice in the evening after school. That was one of her signature dish and it would taste better the next day. This recipe is a similar preparation of fish and I liked the idea of frying the fish in oil first and then adding it to the gravy. The cooking of fish in oil gives a distinctive taste to the curry. Again one more thing worth mentioning is, do not try substituting the shallots with red onions, because the shallots or pearls onions is a key ingredient to the dish. Only small modification I made was to dry roast the fenugreek and coriander seeds before grinding, but take precautions not to burn them. As sig has mentioned the gravy is too good, you can replace the fish with potatoes and still tastes good. I personally feel fried baby potatoes will work better. Enjoy the fish curry with rice.

Click here for Fish curry / Meen kuzhambu / Chepala Pulusu Recipe

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tindora Fry / Dondakaya Fry

Tindora / Gherkin is a wonderful vegetable if known how to cook it properly. I never got introduced to the vegetable during childhood, but learnt the way to prepare this vegetable from few of my kannadiga friends. It can be prepared in a variety of ways and I love it the most when deep or shallow fried and seasoned with coconut and crushed garlic. I followed the recipe of prabha’s , but modified a bit at the last step. Instead of besan flour and rice flour I added paruppu podi or dal powder usually made at home. I also replaced coconut powder with grated coconut , since I did not have any coconut powder at home. Enjoy tindora fry with steamed rice and dal.

Click here for Tindora Fry / Dondakaya Fry Recipe

Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Cook Perfect Steamed Rice

I have always wondered how to cook rice the prefect way, where the rice is nice and fluffy, yet not sticky. Especially when you are in a mood to cook the perfect fried rice, You want the perfect steamed rice to get best results. The same technique mentioned below can also be used when you use to cook pulao or dum briyani. Anyhow this is from a renowned chef, so I guess we can take his word to cook the perfect rice.

Click here to know the way to Cook Perfect Steamed Rice

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Samosa Chaat

After the customary weekend trip to Indian stores I returned with few samosas and few other ingredients. I was too lazy to make the samosas at home and hence bought it from the store. If you have time and interest, you can make fantastic samosas at home by following this link. Chaat of any form amuses me and so decided to make samosa chaat with the samosas I brought this weekend. I followed the recipe for the Chaat from mykhazana, but since the recipe for chutney wasn’t available in mykhazana, I made itself in the following way.

Tamarind / Imli chutney.

Mix tamarind paste with required amount for salt, sugar, cumin powder and 1 green chilly.

For mint chutney followed the recipe as of mykhazana and used tomato sauce instead of tomato chutney. You can add a bit of dahi with chaat masala to make dahi chaat.

Serve the samosa chaat as an evening snack.

Click here for Samosa Chaat Recipe

Uppumanga Chutney / Salted Mango Chutney

Uppumanga as the name indicates is a method to preserve raw mangoes in salt and water very common in Kerala and can be used in a variety of dishes. Sundried uppumanga can be used to make pulikuzhambu or pulusu. Avial made with uppumanga taste incredible because of the sour taste added to the dish. Two more common dishes prepared with uppumanga are uppumanga pachadi and uppumanga cooked in coconut milk (I do not know the name of the dish). Uppumanga is cut into piees and cooked in coconut milk along with the usual seasoning of shallots, ginger and green chillies is a great dish that goes with white rice. Pachadi is prepared by grinding uppumanga with coconut , cumin and other ingredients of your choice and mixed with curd. Here is a simple chutney made with uppumanga and there are some handy tips given to prevent fungi attack while the mangoes are preserved. Other than the tips mentioned in the site, I usually preserve it in a refrigerator after 4 days to prevent fungal attack and it turns out fine. Enjoy mango chutney with kanji or Curd Rice.

Click here for Uppumanga Chutney / Salted Mango Chutney Recipe

Friday, February 09, 2007

Uddamethi / Raw Mango Curry

After a long week, I wanted to prepare something easy and quick yet a delicacy to welcome the weekend. Suddenly thought of the Goan delicacy “Uddamethi” made with raw mangoes. Though a very popular and admired dish from Goa, uddamethi recipe cannot be found in much of the cookbooks or on internet. I followed the recipe blindly though was a bit hesitant to add coconut paste and coconut milk. Since I had coconut milk in the refrigerator, so went ahead with it. Turned out very good, for a recipe without any major ingredients I use for cooking which are onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste or tamarind. Enjoy uddamethi with white rice.

Click here for Uddamethi / Raw Mango Curry Recipe

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brinjal, Spinach and Brussels Sprouts Curry

This is again a peculiar combination of brinjal, spinach and brussel sprouts. The nutty flavor of brussel sprouts gives a fantastic taste to the dish. You can skip the brinjals if you want, but the brinjals cooked in spinach, tamarind, brussel sprouts and onion masala tastes magnificent, you wouldn't want to. The brinjal cooked in this masala really tasted great.Brussels Sprouts
Got to accept, I would have never thought of this combination, though I like to try to peculiar combinations. It tasted heavenly with parathas. Enjoy the brinjal, spinach and brussel sprouts curry with roti.

Click here for Brinjal, Spinach and Brussel Sprouts Curry Recipe

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spring Onions with Tomato

When I think about spring onions two dishes that strike my mind is fried rice or any form of manchurian with spring onions in it. A dish with just out of spring onions and tomatoes sounded different and creative as the name of the blog indicates. This is similar to the thakali/ tomato pachadi posted before, but you have to replaced onions with spring onions. How simple is this and why did I not think of this before. Believe me, try this recipe with spring onion and you would not regret. If you do not like the raw smell of the spring onions make sure it is fried enough. What is wonderful about this recipe is that, this recipe can by itself form a sidedish or can be used as a base to cook other vegetables in the sauce. Enjoy the spring onions curry with roti while it is hot.

Click here for Spring Onions with Tomato Recipe

Egg curry with Coconut / Egg Kurma / Egg Rassa

Egg kurma and chappathi are a favorite combination for a lot especially the ones from southern India. Gravies usually occupy the place of stir fry vegetables as a combination for rotis in South Indian meals. Many vegetarians still love egg and adding egg to the recipe makes a dish special, though the preparation would be simple. If you do not eat egg, it can be replaced with vegetables and usually potato and cauliflower is an excellent combination. Half a tomato can be chopped into small pieces and added along with the eggs. The boiled chunk of tomatoes along with the eggs and curry is a perfect combination. Enjoy egg kurma with rice or roti.

Click here for Egg curry with Coconut / Egg Kurma /Egg Rassa Recipe

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spicy Eggplant / Brinjal Curry

Another real simple dish of brinjal, that is quick to prepare and is a quick sidedish for roti and rice. Tomatoes can be added after the onion and then the brinjals can be cooked in it. Other vegetables like potato and drumstick can also be added along with the brinjals while cooking. Enjoy the brinjal curry with rice or rotis.

Click here for Spicy Eggplant / Brinjal Curry Recipe

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ambot Tik / Goan Spicy Fish Curry

This is a spicy and sour fish curry, a popular dish in Goan and Mangalorean cuisine. The Kashmiri chillies in the recipe give a nice bright red color. The important tip is the fish has to be cooked on a slow flame till soft and tender. A little bit of vinegar can be added at the end. Pomfret, cat fish , tilapia can also be used instead of praws. Enjoy Ambot tik with hot steamed rice.

Click here for Ambot tik / Goan Spicy Fish Curry Recipe

Chicken Therakal / Dry Chicken Curry

This is a great Chettinad recipe usually used as a side dish for chappathi or puri. This Chicken recipe is a dry and very easy to cook one and does not contain the ingredients like ginger, garlic etc usually found in common Chicken recipes. As for all chettinad recipes, fennel seeds and jeera are added. Overall this requres a very simple preparation. If you can grind all the masala powders well in advance, all that needs to be done is to fry onions, add the powders and cook the chicken. Make sure the onions are fried well till the oil separates, to get excellent results. Enjoy chicken therakal with Puri.

Click here for Chicken Therakal / Dry Chicken Curry Recipe

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dry Garlic Chutney (Lasnichi Chutney)

This is a Maharashtrian delicacy made with garlic and dessicated coconut. Often served with bhakri, can be made well in advance and had for almost a month. 2 tbsp of sesame seeds can be added along and if preferred red chilli powder can be replaced with roasted red chilles. Dry garlic chutney can be mixed with butter for a spread to make garlic bread. Enjoy garlic chutney or lasnichi chutney with bhakri.

Click here for Dry Garlic Chutney (Lasnichi Chutney) Recipe

Chole Masala / Kabuli Channa Curry

Chole masala is a classic vegetarian North Indian dish, originated in Punjab. Following this recipe gives you a dhaba style curry and tastes great. The reason for getting a scrumptious taste is because of the amla, the way tomatoes are cooked and the tomato ketchup added. Amla can also be replaced by tamarind. Don’t forget to remove the tamarind as done for amla. If the chole needs to be brown in colour, tea bags or tea leaves can be added to the water when pressure cooking them. If tea leaves are added water cannot be used for further use in the cooking, instead grind half a cup of boiled chick peas and add to the curry. Enjoy chole masala with puri or batura.

Click here for Chole Masala / Kabuli Channa Curry Recipe