Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bell Pepper Sambar / Capsicum Sambar

I wanted to try capsicum sambar for a long time and was not very successful in finding a good recipe for capsicum sambar. With the very less of Indian vegetable options in US, I always look out for a way where I can blend the Indian way of cooking to these vegetables. For instance capsicum is usually used in North Indian dishes and is not a common vegetable used regularly for authentic cooking atleast from where I come from. But I like capsicum a lot I add it in salads, kurma, fried rice and any stir fry if possible.

This capsicum sambar turned out very tasty and next time I am planning to try it with masoor dal or moonga dal, first time did not want to take any risks. A bit unusual to make a sambar without any tomatoes and onions, but I believe people who have cooked, photographed and took the strain to blog about the recipe. So played along and followed the recipe, with a very minor alteration (there it is!!!) I added the grind spice mix and allowed it to boil for a while. But I guess it is not necessary, since none of the spices gives a very raw smell, provided it is properly roasted before grinding.
Enjoy the capsicum sambar with rice or dosa.

Click here for Bell Pepper Sambar / Capsicum Sambar Recipe

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