Monday, March 05, 2007

Cabbage cooked with Besan / Peeth Perleli Bhaji

The number of food bloggers in the community should be nearly equal to infinity, otherwise how come I stumble across a new blog daily. It is really inspiring and encouraging me to cook, knowing so many of us share a common hobby.

Today as I was searching for some good recipes in cabbage, found this one with a combo. I would have never tried, if not for that appealing photo. I know very few cabbage recipes, yesterday tried sodhi (cabbage cooked in coconut milk) and while browsing I also found this recipe in cabbage. I felt instantly that this is one recipe, I can give it a try without much alteration or hesitation and with the ingredients used I think I will like it.

I am planning to have it for lunch tomorrow, since wanted to have a day's break for cabbage.

The only one I may alter is the amount of besan flour as I have not used so much of besan flour in any of the recipes other than the bhaji’s. Depending on how it is turning out I may adjust the amount of besan flour. Really wishing it would yield the same results as in manasi’s kitchen.

Enjoy the cabbage curry with roti or rice.

Click here for Cabbage cooked with Besan / Peeth Perleli Bhaji Recipe

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