Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kadai Paneer

What good is the paneer we made if we do not use it in a recipe? So I made kadai paneer with the leftover paneer yesterday. Kadai paneer is actually a quick recipe and gives amazing result for the work done. The kadai paneer I made was a fusion of recipe from video jug and sailu’s kadai paneer. Video jug has suggested making the kadai paneer without onions and that was slightly out of my league since I love onions. So I followed mostly sailusfood , but added the grind coriander seeds and chillies from videojug. The kastoori methi gives a distinctive flavor to the dish, though sailu had suggested chopped coriander leaves can be used instead, but I feel kastoori methi is hard to be replaced especially in this recipe.

VideoJug: How To Make Kadhai Paneer

The video jug has a wonderful video of the chef cooking kadai paneer, but at times I am just in a mood for a good read. So I have posted both the links below.
Enjoy kadai paneer with Chappathis or naan.

Click here Kadai Paneer Recipe

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