Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sandesh / Bengali Sweet made from paneer

This was another recipe I made last weekend from the paneer prepared at home. Sandesh is a Bengali sweet and I have got a taste for Bengali and Maharashtrin sweet from my neighbors. I definitely can blame my sweet tooth, but after they introduced me to so many sweets I can ever resist myself nowadays from making one a week.
This is a quick fix for a sweet when there are guests over for dinner. Make the paneer the previous day and freeze a part of the paneer for a dish the next day. With the other half prepare this sweet and refrigerate, it will definitely be a hit in any party.

When preparing the dish, precaution should be taken that all the water from the paneer should be extracted while preparing the paneer. This can be done by placing a heavy vessel on the top of the paneer and pressing it as hard as possible. Nidhi gupta has suggested not to heat the paneer and sugar mixture, but I heaed the mixture for about 2 -3 minutes in a heavy bottomed non stick pan. Then while removing from heat add a bit of rose water or rose essence to get the flavor, as the store brought ones. If you want your sandesh to be colorful add kesari powder or dissolve saffron threads in the rose water and add it to the mixture. Make the sweet into desired shapes of your choice and refrigerate.

Serve sandesh when it is cold and fresh.

Click here for Sandesh / Bengali Sweet made from paneer Recipe

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