Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sodhi / Cabbage in Coconut milk

With so many varieties of cabbage available having a different recipe in hand is good. I was ready to try this recipe after having a look at the title. For people who have tasted cabbage kootu or know the recipe for cabbage kootu it is almost the same recipe without the dhal. To get a similar taste then I grinded the chilies and jeera long with the coconut milk (3rd time). Cabbage slow cooked in coconut milk will taste heavenly and I love it as a combo with curd rice.
I like this dish for two reasons.
1.) Not much of spices other than cumin seeds, chilies and salt.
2.) Though not much of spices, it is not bland, since the chilies are grinded it is usually spicy even for 2 -3 chilies and I usually make sure I get a jolt of heat, especially when had with curd rice.

Enjoy sodhi or cabbage curry with rice or rotis.

Click here for Sodhi / Cabbage in Coconut milk Recipe

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