Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to make the perfect homemade Paneer?

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is made by curdling milk and are usually bland since it is not processed much like any other cheese. I was not a great fan of paneer and I rarely used to taste it even in restaurants. I happened to taste paneer burji made out of homemade paneer at a friends place when they had invited me over for dinner. She is a great cook and taught me how to make paneer at home and also some fantastic recipes with paneer(which I would post later). Now the thought of homemade paneer makes my tastebuds sizzle and I made some during the weekend.

Home Made Paneer

Vinegar, curd/yogurt or lime juice can be used to make paneer and I followed the recipe from Anthony’s kitchen. He has suggested boiling the milk till it reduces to ¾ of the original level, but you can add the lime juice once your milk has been boiling for 2- minutes. Add enough lime till the milk curdles and turn off the stove and keep stirring. When you tighten the paneer in the muslin cloth the hot liquid that pours out will be greenish or yellowish in colour and can be used in making chapathi dough. Once you run under the squeezed muslin cloth under cold water, press it under a heavy bottomed vessel to release any excess water if left in the paneer. When lime juice is used to make paneer we get a hard paneer(good for making dishes like kadai paneer or paneer tikka) and if yogurt is used we get a softer version(best for paneer burji). Soft paneer can also be used as an ingredient in salads. Enjoy the homemade paneer in a dish of your choice.

Click here to learn make the perfect homemade Paneer Recipe


Anonymous said...

thanks for ur ideas it was very useful n now i can make some quick panner recepie.

Anonymous said...

Another way of making the paneer is to add a teaspoon of concentrated citric acid solution into the milk and gradually heat it till it splits and then decant it.. this way it retains the entire fat in the paneer and you also get more paneer to the liter of milk.. also use 2% or 3% fat milk.. do not use uht milk it wont split least not easily...