Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beetroot Chutney

I used to think beetroots are good for blood, but recently found out that was a misconception and widely believed so by many because of the color. But actually beetroot is very good for heart, since it contains soluble fibers and low in calories. I think that is the reason it is used in all popular weight loss diets. The red pigments contain specific anti-carcinogens which fights cancer and actually used in cancer treatment in some parts of Europe.

These facts are more than an enough to encourage me or anyone to try recipes with beetroot. Beetroots can be eaten raw or cooked. If needs to eaten raw peel of the skin and it is good to go. Grate it and use it to garnish any salad or side-dish. Cooked recipes which I make usually include beetroot pachadi, chutney or grate beetroot poriyal.

Beetroot chutney

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Neetika said...

I absolutely loved this recipe-its simple to make, nutritious and delicious...In the past 2 weeks, I have already cooked this dish twice.
Thank you for sharing it!:)