Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yellow Pumpkin Dal

Yellow pumpkin dal with rice and papad (microwaved – Remember I eat only one deep fried item per week. I wish I can resist deep fried food) was the sweet simple dinner I had for dinner today. I like yellow pumpkin for the sweetness it adds to the dish and it use it in avail or a stir fry so I get the sweet taste in the dish. In this recipe the pumpkin blends well with the masoor dal and is easy to cook on a weekday. Masoor dal was not common in were I grew up and after tasting it I feel I have missed it long enough. Now I compel my mom to give it a try once, I know she would like it. If you want more of a sambar taste then tamarind paste can be added while the pumpkin is cooking. Even a little bit of sambar powder can be added the end and simmered for few minutes but if you want to have it with roti or pulao as suggested by sudha, do not make any changes to the recipe. Enjoy the dal with rice or roti.

Click here Yellow Pumpkin Dal Recipe

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