Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chole Masala / Kabuli Channa Curry

Chole masala is a classic vegetarian North Indian dish, originated in Punjab. Following this recipe gives you a dhaba style curry and tastes great. The reason for getting a scrumptious taste is because of the amla, the way tomatoes are cooked and the tomato ketchup added. Amla can also be replaced by tamarind. Don’t forget to remove the tamarind as done for amla. If the chole needs to be brown in colour, tea bags or tea leaves can be added to the water when pressure cooking them. If tea leaves are added water cannot be used for further use in the cooking, instead grind half a cup of boiled chick peas and add to the curry. Enjoy chole masala with puri or batura.

Click here for Chole Masala / Kabuli Channa Curry Recipe

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