Friday, February 16, 2007

Set Dosa and Sagu

Yay!! It’s Friday and it’s weekend. How come all Friday evenings brings a sense of relaxation to everyone, is it an illusion. I usually end up cleaning more and cooking more on the weekends, still I love weekends. But anyhow, I had prepared dosa batter to prepare set dosas today. I got introduced to set dosas while in Bangalore, it’s popular in all restaurants in Bangalore. Set dosa are usually served as a set of 3 (hence the name I guess) along with vegetable kurma. It used to be a fantastic feast either on dinner or breakfast and definitely fills your stomach. I followed the procedure from ruchii, but added a cup of butter milk while grinding the rice, urad dal and poha. The sagu mentioned along with the set dosa also sounds great, but I settled for a coconut chutney. Got to try the sagu posted in ruchii once. Enjoy the set dosa with mixed vegetable kurma and coconut chutney.

Click here for Set Dosa and Sagu recipe

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