Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fish curry / Meen kuzhambu / Chepala Pulusu

Fish curry in tamarind gravy is one of my favorites and I can recall my mom making nethili kuzhambu. Usually it would be prepared in the morning and I would have it with rice in the evening after school. That was one of her signature dish and it would taste better the next day. This recipe is a similar preparation of fish and I liked the idea of frying the fish in oil first and then adding it to the gravy. The cooking of fish in oil gives a distinctive taste to the curry. Again one more thing worth mentioning is, do not try substituting the shallots with red onions, because the shallots or pearls onions is a key ingredient to the dish. Only small modification I made was to dry roast the fenugreek and coriander seeds before grinding, but take precautions not to burn them. As sig has mentioned the gravy is too good, you can replace the fish with potatoes and still tastes good. I personally feel fried baby potatoes will work better. Enjoy the fish curry with rice.

Click here for Fish curry / Meen kuzhambu / Chepala Pulusu Recipe

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