Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spring Onions with Tomato

When I think about spring onions two dishes that strike my mind is fried rice or any form of manchurian with spring onions in it. A dish with just out of spring onions and tomatoes sounded different and creative as the name of the blog indicates. This is similar to the thakali/ tomato pachadi posted before, but you have to replaced onions with spring onions. How simple is this and why did I not think of this before. Believe me, try this recipe with spring onion and you would not regret. If you do not like the raw smell of the spring onions make sure it is fried enough. What is wonderful about this recipe is that, this recipe can by itself form a sidedish or can be used as a base to cook other vegetables in the sauce. Enjoy the spring onions curry with roti while it is hot.

Click here for Spring Onions with Tomato Recipe


Pooja said...

hi ,
just got your comment on my recipe of spring onion with tomato and dropped here. it is fine as far as you link me wiht my original recipe. thanks for informing me. I hope in the future too you will inform me , if you are goin to use nay of my recipe. thanks for the credit given to me as original idea was mine. :)
stay tuned
nice blog here, i will keep visiting.

Indian Recipes said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Pooja. Keep Visiting.