Monday, February 26, 2007

Neeru Dosa

Neeru dosa is a Karnataka speciality, more specifically Mangalore I guess. Again this fact more of a Mangalorean speciality is based on what was said by my friend who is from that place and whose mom makes excellent Neeru dosa. Neeru dosa is one of those dosa varieties which do not need much fermentation and tastes great. I have tried making this dosa with the rice flour and mixing it with water, that did not work out well for me. But this time I did soak the rice and grind the mixture to get a proper batter for my perfect dosa. I usually enjoy first one or two dosas with coconut grates and jaggery as said by Dr Soumya bhat and the rest I enjoy with spicy chutney of my choice.

Click here for Neeru Dosa Recipe

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