Saturday, February 10, 2007

Uppumanga Chutney / Salted Mango Chutney

Uppumanga as the name indicates is a method to preserve raw mangoes in salt and water very common in Kerala and can be used in a variety of dishes. Sundried uppumanga can be used to make pulikuzhambu or pulusu. Avial made with uppumanga taste incredible because of the sour taste added to the dish. Two more common dishes prepared with uppumanga are uppumanga pachadi and uppumanga cooked in coconut milk (I do not know the name of the dish). Uppumanga is cut into piees and cooked in coconut milk along with the usual seasoning of shallots, ginger and green chillies is a great dish that goes with white rice. Pachadi is prepared by grinding uppumanga with coconut , cumin and other ingredients of your choice and mixed with curd. Here is a simple chutney made with uppumanga and there are some handy tips given to prevent fungi attack while the mangoes are preserved. Other than the tips mentioned in the site, I usually preserve it in a refrigerator after 4 days to prevent fungal attack and it turns out fine. Enjoy mango chutney with kanji or Curd Rice.

Click here for Uppumanga Chutney / Salted Mango Chutney Recipe

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