Thursday, November 09, 2006

Indian Kitchen Tips

1) Rub the surface of a chopping board with a halved lemon to get rid of onion, garlic or fish smell. It works for the hands too.
2) Place rolled puris in the fridge for ten minutes before frying them, they will consume less oil and will be crispier.
3) Soak lemons in lukewarm water before slicing and squeezing them in order to extract maximum juice.
4) When using curds in gravy, add salt only after curd is cooked so that it does not curdle.
5) To get light spongy idlis, do not stir the batter when pouring it in the moulds. Instead, mix it well the night before.
6) One teaspoon of vinegar added to oil while deep frying foods will prevent them from absorbing too much oil.
7) For crispy French fries, cut and deep-fry (half done). Cool and then store covered in freezer for 5-6 hours. Fry in hot oil at the time of service.

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good tips