Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kerala Fish Briyani / Malabar Meen Briyani

A very detailed description for making one of the Kerala delicacy, Fish Briyani. With the right selection of fish it tastes delicious and got a very good aroma too. Coconut milk is one common ingredient missed out while making the masala for the fish. In the final stage if an oven is not present, the pot can be cooked on a very low flame with a pot of boiling water on the top. Traditionally the pot and the lid is sealed with maida and coconut husk on the top of the lid (‘Dum’).

Click here for Kerala Fish Briyani / Malabar Meen Briyani Recipe


rp said...

Thanks for linking to my recipe. Does it mean you tried it out and liked it? I didn't understand. :) I do add mint leaves in my biriyani.

Indian Recipes said...

Sorry for a late reply. I did try out your recipe and it was great.
I was looking for a fish briyani recipe and came across your blog. Turned out great, the only ingredient I added extra was coconut milk when I made the briyani. I mentioned to add the mint leaves in my post by mistake.
I will correct it now. Thanks for visiting my blog and pointing it out.