Thursday, January 18, 2007

Raw Jackfruit curry / Jackfruit Palya

Jack Fruit
This simple curry has a texture and aroma peculiarly and delightfully its own. 'Palya' is a Kannada (a South Indian language) word for a dry side dish made with any vegetable. This particular one is a popular side dish served as part of a traditional Mangalorean Brahmin wedding meal. If using canned jackfruit, drain the water out of the can the previous day and soak the pieces in fresh water overnight to get rid of the saltiness of the brine. Squeeze the jackfruit pieces to drain the extra water before dicing them. If it is a fresh jackfruit, cut the fruit into quarters and cut off the white pith on top. Then with oil greased hands, remove the seeds and cut into thin slices. Enjoy the curry with rice or roti.

Click here for Raw Jackfruit curry / Jackfruit Palya Recipe

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